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Materi 3


An announcement is a written or spoken statemen in public or formal containing information about an event that has happened or is going to happenso publicly people know what, when and where it is about.

An announcement is used for giving people some information of what has happened or what will happen

1.     Starting purpose : the text that contains what even will be held
2.     Starting day and date : day and date realization. The text that contains when the even will be held
3.     Tarting place : the text that contains where the event will be held
4.     Informing sender : the text that contains name of the person who will be contacted

Using simple present tense and simple future tense

1.      College graduation announcement
2.      Public service announcement
3.      Pregnancy announcement
4.      Birth announcement
5.      Moving announcement
6.      Adoption announcement
7.      Job announcement
8.      Promotion announcement
9.      School student’s organization announcement
10.  Etc.

F.       EXAMPLE 
Dont forget to bring a dictionar in next English lesson
Everybody must have a dictionary because we will read a story
No excuse to student who don’t bring the dictionary.
                   It is used to help you in learning English

Materi 2

Materi :
1. Congratulations
2. Greeting
3. Introduce

*Definisi Congratulations
Expression of Congratulations is an expression that we use give the congratulation utterance when he or she be succeed in doing someone.
(Ekspresi Selamat adalah ungkapan yang kami gunakan memberikan ucapan selamat saat dia berhasil dalam melakukan seseorang)
*Expession of Congratulations
·         Congratulation
·         Congratulations
·         Congratulations on your succeeds
·         Happy Birthday
·         Happy New Year
·         Happy Anniversary
·         Let me Congratulate you
·         That’s Great!
·         Pretty Good
·         I’d be the first to congratulate you on.
·         I’d like to congratulate you on…
·         Please accept my warmest congratulations.
·         May I congratulate you on…
·         I must Congratulate you.
·         It was great to hear about
·         Well done
·         Nice one
·         Fantastic!

    *Example Congratulations
Roy           : Who won the football match yesterday ? (Siapa yang menang pertandingan sepak bola kemarin)
Tom           : Our team did. We won there to one. (Tim kami yang menang. kami menang 3-1)
Roy           : Congratulation. I’m glad to hear it. (Selamat ya. aku senang mendengarnya)
Tom           : Thank You (Terimakasih)

* Definisi Greeting
Greeting is a phrase usually used by someone to do greetings or greetings with others (Ucapan adalah ungkapan yang biasa digunakan oleh seseorang untuk melakukan salam atau salam dengan orang lain)
Greeting is divided into two namely formal greeting and informal greeting
(Ucapan dibagi menjadi dua yaitu salam formal dan salam informal)

*Formal Greeting
Formal greeting is a greeting that is often used at official events
(Salam formal adalah ucapan yang sering digunakan pada acara resmi)

*Example Formal Greeting
Hello (Hallo)
Good Morning (Selamat Pagi)
How Are You (Bagaimana kabar kamu)
Thank You (Terimakasih)
Nice To Meet you (Senang bertemu dengan anda)
How do you do ((Salam bertemu,Senang bertemu dengan anda)

*Informal Greeting
Informal greeting is a greeting used to greet friends or friends of the same age without any age difference or being away from formal or official events.
(Salam informal adalah ucapan yang digunakan untuk menyapa teman atau teman seusianya tanpa perbedaan usia atau berada jauh dari acara resmi atau resmi.)

*Example Informal Greeting
Morning (Selamat Pagi)
Hi (Hai)
Thanks (Terimakasih)
How is your life (Bagaimana hidupmu / Kabarmu)

*Definisi Introduce
            Introduce is a way to introduce a person’s biography or a person’s name
(Introduce merupakan cara untuk mengenalkan biografi seseorang atau nama seseorang)

*Example Introduce
Good morning all, allow me to introduce myself in. My name is Ayu Dian Oktarin. I was born in Lampung on 12 August 1998. I now live in Bandar Lampung city. Right now I stayed at my uncle’s house.
Now allow me to introduce myself further. I like things that smell of adventurous, and small things like reading, watching, and spent my free time by doing nothing. Okay now about me and my family, I am one of the two sisters, I have a little sister, and she is in high school. My father is a fisherman named Muhammad Alli. While my mother is a plain housewife.I love my family more than anything. Well that’s my introduction this time. Pleased to meet you


Selamat pagi semuanya, izinkan saya untuk memperkenalkan diri. Nama saya Ayu Dian Oktarin, saya lahir di lampung pada 12 agustus 1998. Sekarang saya menetap di kota bandar lampung. Sekarang ini saya tinggal di rumah paman saya.
Sekaran izinkan saya untuk memperkenalkan diri lebih jauh. Saya suka hal hal yang berbau petualangan. hal hal kecil seperti membaca, menonton dan menghabiskan waktu luang saya tanpa melakukan apa apa.Baiklah sekarang tentang saya dan keluarga saya. Saya satu dari dua bersaudara, saya memiliki adik perempuan dia sekarang masih duduk di bbangku SMA. Ayah saya adalah seorang nelayan namanya Muhammad Alli. Sedangkan ibu saya adalah seorang ibu rumah tangga biasa. Saya sangat mencintai keluarga saya lebih dari apapun. baiklah itu saja perkelnalan dari saya kali ini. senang bertemu dengan anda/kalian/saudara sekalian.


Materi 1

1.      The Definition and Purpose of Descriptive Text
Descriptive text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.
2.      The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text
Descriptive text has structure as below:
§  Identification; identifying the phenomenon to be described.
§  Description; describing the phenomenon in parts, qualities, or/and characteristics.

3.      The Language Feature of Descriptive Text
§  Using attributive and identifying process.
§  Using adjective and classifiers in nominal group.
§  Using simple present tense

4.      Examples and structures of the text

MacQuarie University
Macquarie University is one of the largest universities in Australia. This year, in 2004, it celebrates its 40thanniversary.

The university is located at the North Ryde Greenbelt, Sydney, where the New South Wales government sets aside 135 hectares for the institution. In 1964, Macquarie area was a rural retreat on the city fringe, but today the campus and its surroundings have evolved beyond recognition. The North Ryde District has grown into a district of intensive occupation anchored by a vibrant and growing university.Blessed with a fortunate location and room to breathe, Macquarie can be proud of that careful planning that retains and enrich the university’s most attractive natural features. A pleasing balance between buildings and plating is evident across the campus. This emphasis on the importance of landscape has created images of Macquarie as a place that members of the university are most likely to pleasurably recollect.
One of the highlights of the landscape is the Mars Creek zone. It comprises landscaped creek sides and valley floor, a grass amphitheatre, and artificial lake… surrounded by rocks and pebbles, native plants and eucalypts.
Today, a railway station is under construction. In three years1 time, Macquarie will be the only university in Australia with a railway station on site. Macquarie is poised to be the most readily accessible in Sydney region by rail and motorway, yet retaining its beautiful site.

Example of Description
1.        Borobudur Temple
Borobudur is Hindu – Budhist temple. It was build in the nineth century under Sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram kingdom. Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.
Borobudur is well-known all over the world. Its construction is influenced by the Gupta architecture of India. The temple is constructed on a hill 46 m high and consist of eight step like stone terrace. The first five terrace are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Budist sculpture in bas-relief. The upper three are circular. Each of them is with a circle of bell shape-stupa. The entire adifice is crowned by a large stupa at the centre at the centre of the top circle. The way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passage and starways. The design of borobudur which symbolizes the structure of universe influences temples at Angkor, Cambodia.
Borobudur temple which is rededicated as an Indonesian monument in 1983 is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people.

Generic Structure Analysis
§  Identification; identifying the phenomenon to be described in general; Borobudur temple
§  Description; describing the Borobudur temple in parts; eight terraces of Borobudur temple and its characteristics
Language Feature Analysis
§  Using adjective and classifiers; valuable

§  Using simple present tense; Borobudur is well-known,The temple is constructed.

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ex personal letter


NAME   :
CLASS    :
NO         :
TIME      : 90 MINUTES

A. Analyze these expressions of giving recommendations and offers according to their functions.
a.       Asking for a recommendation
b.      Giving a recommendation
c.       Responding a recommendation
d.      Accepting a recommendation
e.      Offering something
f.        Accepting an offer
g.       Refusing an offer

1.       I think everyone should be involved in the effort to eradicate corruption
2.       What about banning mobile phones in our school ?
3.       Why don’t be build a pond to harvest raining water during rainy season ?
4.       I know what you mean
5.       No, thank you
6.       Are you busy? I need your suggestion
7.       Do you need someone to accompany you?

B. What would you say to somebody who :
1.       Is just going to a party.
2.       Is just going for an interview

C. Mention two types of invitation letters and make an example of personal invitation letters!